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Muthanna Alqassab, AIA

Muthanna Alqassab, AIA

Name: Muthanna Alqassab

Born: August 87

Status: Yes

Alma mater: Miami Uni

What’s on my TV: Talk shows

what’s in my ipod:  who even owns an ipod anymore?

What’s on my bookshelf: The silk roads

What I drive: 89 BMW

Favorites flicks: Grease

Web bookmarks:  Google

Worst habit: playing with hair

On my office walls:  schedules and calendars

Love to trade places with: Vladimir Putin

First job: washing my dad's car

Talent I’d most like to have: people skills

For dinner: hummus, baba ganoush

Favorite architect:  Mimar Sinan

Favorite city to visit: Cyprus

Favorite value in others:  Transparency 

My greatest love:  lost

My heroes: Superman, Batman. You know, the whole shebang

My bucket list: love, success and social triumph

My motto:  everything is pointless

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