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Norman Butt, AIA

Norman Butt, AIA

Name: Norman D. Butt

Born: Once upon a time...

Status: #1,956,730,375,304,710

Alma mater: Ohio Wesleyan University, University of Cincinnati, Miami University

What’s on my TV: Charlie Rose

What’s in my iPOD:  Hope

What’s on my bookshelf: David Sedaris

What I drive: Toyota Hybrid

Favorites flicks: Blade Runner

Web bookmarks:  Little Current, Canada Port Cam

Worst habit: Not exercising enough

On my office walls:  Family pictures

Love to trade places for a day with: My kids

First job: Sherwin Williams stock boy

Talent I’d most like to have: Skate backwards

For dinner: Tilapia, asparagus, rice pilaf, whole wheat bread & raspberries

Favorite architect:  Tadao Ando

Favorite city to visit: Whitefish Falls

Favorite value in others:  Honesty 

My greatest love:  Wife, kids and extended families

My heroes: My wife

My bucket list: Make a bucket list

My motto:  Purge

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