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As architects, interior designers, planners, and project administrators, The Architectural Group, Incorporated develops the client's vision, whether fully defined or only vaguely described, and merges that vision with architecture by designing a built environment capable of supporting diversified needs. With a desire to provide individualized attention to projects and to be accountable for our efforts, TAG strives to understand our clients' needs, and to provide the best in professional design services.

It's about process and the dedication to maintain it. The Architectural Group, Incorporated offers services from planning and programming through construction administration and post-occupancy evaluation. Since each phase is unique, we tailor our services to respond to the continually changing environment of design and construction. Direct involvement by the principals of the firm at each phase of development is essential and occurs.

The following phases define the progress of a project:

(Select phase for individual description)

Schematic Design (SD)
-Field verify existing condition documentation
-Provide Program analysis
-Study spatial relationships
-Develop schematic design drawings
-Coordinate consultant responsibilities and contributions
-Research applicable building code & zoning information
-Perform Americans with Disabilities (ADA) requirement analysis
-Prepare preliminary cost estimate

Design Development (DD)
-Develop site plans, floor plans, elevations, building section and detail drawings
-Integrate supporting structural and engineering systems
-Evaluate furniture and equipment implications
-Prepare a revised cost estimate
-Consider material and finish implications
-Review the balance between functional requirements and aesthetic needs

Construction Documents (CD)
-Prepare detailed drawings and specifications
Specifications are the detailed written requirements describing the quality and
character of the project materials and construction processes.
-Prepare a revised cost estimate
-Integrate consultant design documents
-Analyze potential construction phasing and document implications
-Submit sealed documents to building officials for review
and building permit approval.

Bidding & Contract Negotiation (BID)
-Assist with pre-qualification and selection of potential bidders
-Distribute bidding documents
-Coordinate Pre-bid conferences and site visitations
-Evaluate submitted bids

Construction Contract Administration (CA)
-Assist with the preparation of Owner/Contractor contractual agreements
-Coordinate construction kick-off meetings
-Perform periodic reviews of work in progress
-Review Shop Drawings and submittals
-Participate in weekly job meetings
-Respond to contractor's Request for Information
-Prepare Change Order documents, if required
-Participate in Substantial Completion punch list reviews
-Review and certify contractor's applications for payment

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