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Richard Allen Academy West Park Academy Salem Ave Campus

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Richard Allen Academy West Park Academy Salem Ave Campus
Location: 627 Salem Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45406
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Interior Renovation to change an abandoned building into a new School for Pre-Schoolers and Kindergarteners

One of Richard Allen Schools’ greatest concerns was to create a space that felt welcoming for their new Pre-Schoolers and Kindergarten children. Often times, this is one of the first times these children have been away from home, and a cold sterile environment can be quite intimidating when you are only 3’-6” tall. Therefore the design concept was born, with the primary goal being to cater to these little ones with carpets that have pictures of a child’s drawing sewn into them, finishes that are stain resistant, plumbing fixtures that are a smaller size to promote independence, and lots of fun colors dancing all over the walls to promote way-finding as well as learning. Each classroom has a uniquely colored accent wall so the children can easily locate their room. Several walls are covered with artistic murals, telling tales of numbers, letters, shapes, and nursery rhymes. TAG contributed a special mural in the front lobby, using the children’s handprints to create a garden full of the stories of the children within this building.

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